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Shields Longden and Co is a firm of Chartered Building Surveyors carrying out a broad range of residential and commercial work, principally in Oxfordshire and London.
We are proud to display some extracts from the many thank you notes and testimonials from our residential and commercial clients.

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from LinkedIn
"We recently had the pleasure of employing the services commercial property surveyor Jonathan Longden of Shields Longden .
If you need a firm of professionals to help with your commercial property deal then I would thoroughly recommend these chaps.
1st class service and fantastic attention to detail

... Dear Jonathan
Many thanks for your time and advice today. It is very much appreciated.
I will follow up with A****** and mention your referral.
The things to think about list is also great help. It is so refreshing to have this kind of support offered freely and warmly.
I shall very much bear this in mind when we are next in need of a survey or if anyone asks us for a referral. ...

I wanted to let you know that the trial was last week and the Judge decided in our favor. He granted us the maximum possible amount for a small claim so he left no doubt that the builder deserved to be punished.
To be honest, this is a moral win and the amount they need to pay (see if they finally pay) is in my opinion nowhere near the damage they have caused, but anyway we should celebrate it.
Your report was essential for our Claim, so I would like to thank you for your impartiality and knowledge about court proceedings.
Many thanks also for assisting us in all our queries.

... My grateful thanks for your offer of a further telephone call, so rarely do we enjoy such support and understanding of our local situation - ...

Thanks very much for the survey and supplemental information. I've read through everything and it's all extremely informative and helpful. I particularly appreciated the extra information on heat pumps and batteries. If we end up installing this I will let you know how we get on!
Thanks again for the excellent service and taking the time to talk me through the issues which was much appreciated and provided reassurance during the otherwise stressful process of buying a house.

... In connection with a proposed buy to let and desktop advice prior to survey,
*** contacted me this morning to say they had pulled out.
She really appreciated your advice, which saved them abortive costs ...

... In relation to an Expert Witness Determination - What an incredible result! I admit that I wasn't expecting it to go so convincingly in our favour.
Jonathan, the evidence and arguments you presented must have been far more convincing - fantastic work!
Experience suggests that ***** will still do everything they can to continue to drag this out, but this is an enormous leap forward...

Hi Jonathan,
Thank you for your reply, I hope things settle for you soon, with all considered and can only imagine what a difficult time this is.
Further to my last email the sale has now fallen through, as you were aware there were too many red flags! I will be sure to contact you again if and when I find new premises.
I have sent a small gift to you as thanks for your time and advice, honestly you really do not know how valuable that conversation was and I am most grateful!

... Your advice below was 100% adhered to and I retracted the offer for the seller to fix the roof and negotiated money off the asking price.
Not as much as I would have liked but I weighed it all up and decided it was doable and what I wanted to do. Thank you for advice, honestly was indispensable! ...

Hi Jonathan,
that is fair, thanks very much.
I will get this paid in the next day or so,
Thanks again for saving me from a disaster

We were very pleased with the survey so if we need any similar services in the future we will definitely get in touch.

Hi Jonathan,
Thank you so much for your help. Once the planning has come through I will get in touch and get it done with you if that is ok?
Given how incredibly honest and helpful you have been (I am certain that *** feels the same) we will definitely engage you for all of our surveying in the future.

Thank you so much for the thorough report! It's very helpful and informative. I even found it entertaining to read, and it has inspired me to get interested in the history of building.

Hi Jonathan,
Many thanks for this meticulous report.

Also we wanted to say a big thank you, not only for the time taken to write up the report, but especially for all the time you gave us on Friday to talk through everything in such detail. We really appreciated your candour, impartiality and expertise and found it extremely helpful, even if what you were telling us was not what we were hoping to hear.

8 September 2019
Fast response to our call. Professional assessment, obvious experience in the field.
Gave us the reassurance we needed. Clear & comprehensive report with recommendations & advice. Fair price Reviewed on Google Maps

Fee was £900.00 plus vat....... and he got £40,000.00 off the asking price which was originally £478,000.00 and in my view that was a good buy at that price.

Theodore Birks
26 February 2019
Excellent service. Knowledgeable and excellent service regarding a ‘party wall’.
Survey and documentation completed within days. No hesitation to recommend
Reviewed on Google Maps

... extremely courteous, professional and knowledgeable regarding two greatly differing properties. Their expertise and advice helped me make realistic and informed decisions about whether to proceed with the purchases. They were extremely generous with their time, with explaining the survey findings or with general property information, which was invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend them and would return to them in any future need for a survey.

James Grady
27 May 2018
Leys Longden got our peculiar planning permission through very professionally and handled the negotiations effectively.
We've just had our Building Reg drawings looked at by prospective buildings and they were very complimentary of the detail and clarity.
Highly recommended.
Reviewed on Google Maps

Hello Jonathan,
Thank you for sending through the report, which I have now read through. It's very comprehensive and most useful. Indeed you have exceeded our expectations.
My husband has yet to read it through, but once we have both had the opportunity to digest it fully we may take up your offer and pose some queries to discuss with you should your offer remain extant.

Many thanks indeed for this summary of possible alterations, and what they would involve.
They confirm our view that, without your timely advice to reconsider, we would have made a very costly mistake in buying this property.
For this we are extremely grateful to you.

We finally got our completion certificate from Vale of White horse Building Control this afternoon.
It must be said that this achievement is entirely down to tireless efforts and persistent approach. Throughout this whole debacle, ShieldsLongden has worked closely with building control to deflect the pressure from us and devise sensible solutions, used his amazing expertise to guide our trades people and kept us fully informed.
As a result, we just accepted an asking-price offer on our house meaning we can stick with our moving timetable ; something I would never have believed possible back in September.
I just wanted to say thank you for sending ** our way and hope we can work with him again in the future

Dear Jonathan,
Thank you for this: I've gone through it and it is all very clear. I'll be speaking to the agent tomorrow about the purchase price.
As ever, thank you for your assistance with this.
Many thanks

We would like to mention how grateful we have been for your swift and professional service. We found the report to be very clear, thorough and informative.

If needed we will certainly be using your services again in future and will recommend you to others who enquire.

So in terms of your efforts specifically with this I think you are done!
You have flagged it to us, so it is now up to us to take that board moving forward.
So job done.
Thanks Jonathan!

Please pass on my thanks for a very clear, thorough and useful report.
I now have a high degree of confidence that I understand the condition and merits of the property which is great.

You're our hero - thanks! .... Thanks again for going over this in so much detail with me the other day.

Fast response to our call. Professional assessment, obvious experience in the field. Gave us the reassurance we needed. Clear & comprehensive report with recommendations & advice. Fair price

Very grateful to Mr Jonathan Longden in helping us interpret some search results relating to subsidence risk. Very courteous, informative and helpful. Thank you for the time!

I have received and read the report. It's very comprehensive and thorough. In fact I am so impressed, it's excellent and will be used as a marker for all issues...

Many thanks for the recommendations. Thanks again for the excellent service.

thanks Jonathan, will get that settled on Friday
thank you for working so hard to get the report completed so swiftly, it is sincerely appreciated

Many thanks for sending through the report last week. It was a very detailed report, and will be very useful for us for keeping the property in good condition in the years to come.

Many thanks for this information. I think at this time the only thing we are going to request that ******
The rest of the points / issues can be carried out by the relevant tradesmen once we are in and start sifting through each room.
I'm really impressed with your thoroughness.
Many thanks

Just to say, a good job done and many thanks for dealing with this in the tight timescales, all appreciated.

Thank you for an excellent service. Quick, extremely efficient and reasonable fee, much appreciated.

By the way, S** was very impressed with you, and commented she'd use you for her next house buy.
We're very happy too but solicitors see many more surveys than I do!

Excellent service. Knowledgeable and excellent service regarding a party wall. Survey and documentation completed within days. No hesitation to recommend.

Thank you so much for your help in this matter and I only wish I had found your services sooner.

Many thanks for the report, it is truly comprehensive and we are very grateful to you for your recommendations on the information we should obtain from our solicitor and also for your advice on the possible structural problems that may arise in the future.

Shields Longden got our peculiar planning permission through very professionally and handled the negotiations effectively. We've just had our Building Reg drawings looked at by prospective buildings and they were very complimentary of the detail and clarity. Highly recommended.

summary feedback :-
Investment of £1,320.00 on our fees (inc vat) and he got £10,000.00 off.

Thanks to you and your survey we re -negotiated the cost down by £25,000 to reflect the amount of tanking that is required in the basement/hall.
Really pleased with that and would definitely recommend and use your services again.
Thanks again.

Thank you for the very detailed report. My solicitor and I were very impressed by your attention to detail and the thoroughness of its contents.
Sadly, I had to take the unavoidable decision to withdraw from the purchase.
It was a pleasure talking to you. Should I have the good fortune of finding another property in the same area - I shall contact you again.

Thank you for the report, which I will look at today.
We remain grateful for the quick turnaround and professionalism. When we arranged the survey, I said I would reciprocate by paying the invoice promptly....
...I might have the odd question after I have reviewed the report, but in the interim please accept our sincere thanks for the support given to us by Shields Longden .

Thank you so much for doing the impressive and helpful survey on **** so swiftly and for highlighting the upstairs room issue (amongst others).
I am truly grateful for your efforts and for the chat after, when I had received your executive summary.
with best wishes

Thank you for the latest drawings ! ....
.... Please congratulate Peter Richardson on his amazing draftsmanship, we have perused them long and hard and they are an absolute work of art ...

I can say that it is probably the best £1,000 we have spent.

... Everything was examined and explained thoroughly on the survey report in layman's language with photographic proof . I understood everything, also the report was very interesting to read and I learnt a lot.
Every email query sent has been replied to promptly and professionally with good advice and guidance as to the next step to take in the process of renovation.
You suggested various tradesman who have all been reliable and answered any questions I have asked. ( haven't seen the actual work yet but am confident that it will be well done ).

Thank you for the report it is very comprehensive .

That provides comfort and perspective . I'll go ahead

Would I still be able to use you for a survey on any other property which I put an offer in for (hopefully very soon) I am keen to give you as much business as possible as you have been extremely helpful

from Local Surveyors Direct website
Promptness of response : Brilliant service
Quality of service : Our survey was exceptionally good, detailed clear and probably the best survey I have ever commissioned.
Value for money : Not the cheapest, but well worth every penny, especially when ultimately you are spending a large sum on purchasing a property.
Professionalism : Very nice people polite and very clear explanations to all of our questions
Building Surveys. Mrs W, Stow-on-the-Wold, November 2018.

Dear Jonathan
**** were so grateful for your time and kindness this afternoon, talking over the merits of **** Cottage.
I think we've been househunting for so long that a project like this which looked halfway hopeful really fired us up, so it was really good that you could talk good sense to us about the financial implications!
Hoping that we'll find something viable in the near future and that we can come back to you for your professional help.
With our thanks again

Hi Jonathan,
Thank you for your efforts on this...
... was very complimentary about your service ...

I cannot describe the relief and closing of a chapter.
I am so very grateful to you for your steady and steadfast advice which I have relied on

Party Wall Dispute in Oxford
...a friend of ours, has shown me your report on his dispute... (I am not involved in the case except as a friend). I just can't resist telling you that I find your report brilliant , very expert , fair , clear , well written , thorough and altogether a most impressive piece of work . I just wanted you to know.

Your advice has been much appreciated - analysis , tact and persistence all spot on ! Thank you for your help throughout.

Thank you for your e-mail. That is a fine piece of work and should be valuable to the tenant.

I am just writing to thank you for your time and advice on Monday and Wednesday, this week, which you gave kindly and professionally .

Hi Jonathan,
Wow, what a lot of areas you covered ! A very big thank you for persevering with us this past year to get to this point!
Fingers crossed the sale goes through ok from here.
I will let you know what the findings are next week on the gas pipe.

Yes thanks and I have acted on many of your recommendations eg replacing skylight, tearing ivy off walls, replacing fences and putting in a new driveway and soakaway, fixing chimney etc. Next spring the moss on the roof has to go too. Worth having a Building survey !

As I mentioned, the vendor refused to agree to a retention. I thought long and hard, but decided to go ahead with the purchase anyway and hope for the best. Say a little prayer! I think this house and location are a bit different, which is why I am going ahead. With some luck, I will find someone who is as good a builder as you are a surveryor , and he or she can work their way through big and small issues with the property.
With best regards and sincere appreciation ,

Thanks for the report and all your efforts, we very much appreciate the prompt actions and full and informative report ... ...Best wishes to you all for the future and I 'm sure we use you again in future and will recommend your company at every opportunity...

Thank you so much for doing all of this. It has really put our minds at rest and as you say we now need to push it back to them

Many thanks for the time and significant thought you have put to ****, the survey and more specifically our aspirations and thoughts regarding the works, order of works and likely format of planning for redevelopment . Its all hugely reassuring having a wise counsel on such matters so close to the property...

Thank you so much for your visit last Thursday to survey the roof, speak to the 'roofer', and negotiate the outcome - I really wasn't expecting that last bit! It was, I think, the best outcome I could have reasonably expected. Whilst I would, of course, have liked a little more it was really good to have you put things into perspective and provide the sanity check - it is (hopefully) now done with and preserving what remains of my sanity is worth something in itself. I have already had one roofer view it to submit a quotation so it should be all forwards from here. ... ...
...Many thanks again, and also for the kind words you said about the little house - with all the time and effort that went into it they are always welcome. And you are only the second person to recognise my English bonding - no second rate Flemish stuff for me!

Hi Jonathan,
Many thanks for this - the buyer accepted the report (unsurprisingly!) and we are completing today, so thank you very much. I don't know if you ever need referrals, but if you do I am very happy for you to use this:
'Jonathan was incredibly helpful on a complicated query, very reassuring throughout and tailored the report to our exact requirements meaning that the sale could proceed - thank you very much!'...
...Thanks for all your help.

Many thanks for your email. We are really pleased with the drawings but just want to run them past our neighbours.
Other than that, is the next step to submit them to planning ?

Just a quick note to say a huge "Thank you" for the survey. I have read the full report through and have found it useful and very helpful . Should we decided to do a loft conversion will certainly be back on the phone to employ the services of Shields Longden again if that's ok. Have no hesitation in recommending the company also.

Many thanks for the second quotation for asbestos removal and the full copy of your survey report both of which we have received.
We have settled your account on line but we shall certainly need to be in touch with you again particularly in relation to any report about infestation and costing of any work required for the roof.(we have been in touch with both firms and asked them to be in touch with both you and us and we have arranged with ***** that access to the house is permitted).
Thank you for your excellent services so far and we look forward to speaking to you again in the near future.

A note of sincere thanks for your time during the week honestly, truly appreciate you providing the comfort of my TRIANGULAR beam at *********. You're a GEM.

I just wanted to say many thanks for the very comprehensive Survey . The net result was that I managed to negotiate £2,000 off the asking price to help towards the cost of the new flat roof, which I'm happy with.

Thanks again for this afternoon - the staff are enthused by the project .

From our telecom today, I felt you were someone I could have confidence in , so thank you for accepting the job.

Glad I found and used this site, we chose to use Shields Longden and are very happy with the service provided.

... for the record we are extremely grateful for the thoroughness of your work - you are instrument in helping to avoid a complete disaster. 3rd time lucky, we hope !

Many thanks for your prompt and polite visit yesterday in connection with reinstatement valuation on my property... ...thank you for your kind attention... ...thanks for an excellent service...

Please pass on our thanks for the excellent service and advice that you have given us. We are very grateful.

Many thanks for forwarding these documents and also for talking to me on Friday. I found it extremely interesting and you were very helpful .
Having spoken to friends who have done extensive refurbs/loft conversions over the weekend, it is clear that your rough guide as to how much the whole project would cost was more accurate than my initial estimation/guess!
I put an offer in yesterday and if my offer is accepted and provided that ***** does not think that there is a conflict of interest, I will certainly come back to you .

Thank you so much for the Executive Summary and your insightful comments... ...Thank you very much for your guidance ... ...would like to utilise your skills for a survey should we be lucky enough to find something...

Thanks SO much for today, specially at such short notice . I felt very rude to just say goodbye like that. I wanted to see K* on her own to put in an offer - it was a bit urgent since there is another offer on the table as of today.

...Jonathan, Thank you again, so much! I can't tell you what a relief it was having you come in like Dr Who and save the day! I have highly recommended you to one of my bosses who is chair of governors... ...If you have second thoughts about the low fee you charged us please let us know, as this kind of peace of mind you have given us is invaluable...

Dear Jonathan
I have just spent a long time looking at your drawings and they are an answer to a prayer!
Thank you

Thank you for your email.
We have indeed also received the hard copy of the survey and were very satisfied .

Thank you very much for your work helping us find our way towards a sale. Your advice and clear thoughts were most helpful and all the contractors you referred us to were very good, as well as pleasant and easy to deal with.
Thank you again for your help and I hope if we find we need your services in the future we may contact you again.

Thank you for your survey, it has been most helpful. Without it I would not have known the exact points that needed attention... ...with grateful thanks.

We thank you for the comprehensive manner in which you have carried out the survey and your help over the phone.
The survey will be of great assistance in the coming months when we arrange for appropriate remedial work to be carried out

... as always the report was very comprehensive with a number of photos to show any relevant issues. It has enabled **** to go nforward with the purchase knowing that there are some minor issues but these will be sorted by the Sinking Fund that is in place. Thank you again, and I look forward to recommending your work to all my clients needing your services...

Please pass on my thanks for help & advice ...

...We plan to continue with our purchase but are now confident that armed with the information you have provided we can significantly improve the house. Thank you for your patience when explaining your findings...

Morning Jonathan,
Just wanted to thank you for your time yesterday evening. I much appreciated hearing your thoughts especially re the coffee option.
We have agreed to rent the shop this morning so will be in touch re the residential project.
Thanks again .

Thank you for your survey of the above property. I am very pleased that you have investigated the items that were causing me concern and also for pointing out the really good points about my future home. Your secretary has kindly said she will send me a "basic" copy of your findings so that my solicitor can query anything that needs clarification , the photographs will be particularly helpful... ...many thanks.

Thanks again for such an in-depth report ; we have shared the relevant parts with our solicitor for further investigation and will be addressing the other recommendations once we're settled in...
...Thank you for the summary and photos, it has highlighted a couple of issues that we'd like to go back to the agent about (particularly the conservatory roof) so it's been really helpful . We look forward to seeing the full report in due course and will be in touch to chat through it...

...Many thanks for your most professional survey...

...I wanted to thank you for you open and candid comments, it really helped me decide my appetite to do the work and the revised offer to reflect the work and inconvenience was not accepted...
...I have however found another property that I hope to put an offer on this week and would be thrilled if you would complete the survey .

...Thanks again for all your advice and help and rest assured you will be our first point of call and recommendation for any further business...

...Thank you very much for looking into the quotations for us. You've been a great help to us. In future, if we need any further advice on extensions, we'll definitely think of you as our top choice...

...Very many thanks for this - it is extremely thorough and helpful...

...Many thanks for conducting the survey and producing the report so quickly.
We're very pleased with the level of detail and would have no hesitation in recommending you to others in the future.
The report is very clear and we discussed most of the contents on site...

...thank you for the valuation report on the above property and for undertaking it so promptly ...

...he said he spoke to a delightful lady who inspired confidence and a happy smile...
(refers to the company PA..)

...and I were both hugely impressed with your work on this project...

"We have hired Jonathan Longden, and our case is proceeding. He has been excellent , and we'd be happy to recommend him."

...It was a pleasure working with you.

You cannot be fairer in your approach; thank you for your careful consideration and for putting my mind at rest.
I will now recommend that we proceed without further delay.
We will take your advice in regard to the work that needs doing, what to keep an eye on and we will certainly make the next door neighbour aware of the indirect damage their garage wall is causing.
You have been most alert and very helpful ; thank you

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and service you gave me within a very tight timescale . I will not hesitate to recommend your services in the future.

It's reassuring to know that we have your expertise to call on should we need it.
With many thanks again

I have been really impressed with your work and am very grateful for the advice you have given.
Thank you so much.

...Thanks for all your advice

... Thank you so much for all your help and support throughout the whole process, we could not have done it without you...

...thank you for providiing the survey and summary ...

Thank you very much for this very extensive report . It will be extremely helpful to prioritise/organise renovations on the house once we move in (fingers crossed).

...many thanks for your thorough and accurate survey...

...Finally, I shared your reports with my father, who has been a construction director for a number of large building firms. He was very impressed with your report, commenting that it was one of the best he's seen in a number of years. So very well done, you are a credit to the industry . Once again many thanks for your support in these matters...

" fantastic "

Please pass on my thanks, we are extremely pleased with the survey and dealing with your company overall.
I had questions around the difference between a home buyers report and a proper survey and this was clearly explained on my first call. You came to view the property quickly and I was kept informed throughout the entire process with dates and initial high level report and a follow up call.
Buying a house is stressful enough but this has been very easy, We would certainly look to use you in the future and would recommend your services .

... Jonathan. Thanks for your help on this great result ! ...

Thanks ever so much for that Jonathan, much pragmatic wisdom there!

Thank you so much for the valuation , I will make payment asap.
Please pass on my thanks for doing the valuation so quick it's much appreciated .

Thank you very much for sending the Survey & Costed Schedule .
Many thanks for all your help and advice .
We would highly recommend you to friends and colleagues.

and from this site :-
Feedback on Leys Longden & Co
5 stars
Promptness of response : Excellent
Value for money : Not the cheapest but well worth the little bit extra as really approachable and good explanation of process and findings - September 2015

The web site worked well and gave a prompt response . We have hired Jonathan Longden, and our case is proceeding. He has been excellent , and we'd be happy to recommend him.

Quick response giving two addresses, one of whom e-mailed me within a day. We were able to fix up an appointment soon. The other supplier was more passive. I used LeysLongden & Co , all satisfactory.

Website worked well, very useful and helpful . I used LeysLongden and Co . Very good service , completely happy with them.

Glad I found and used this site, we chose to use Leys Longden and are very happy with the service provided .

The website worked very well. I spoke to a couple of the firms that subsequently emailed me that I liked the sound of.
I asked Jonathan Longden of Leys Longden to do the work and was pleased with the result .

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