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Commercial Building Surveys

These are essential when businesses are considering acquiring additional or alternative accommodation, whether on a leasehold or freehold basis.

The object is to:
 *   establish the condition of the property and expected life of its components
 *   confirm the effect of this property on the business in the short, medium and long term
 *   establish any Breaches of Statute
 *   confirm suitability of the property
 *   if leasehold, establish liability, including dilapidations
 *   if leasehold, to take action now to seek to minimise dilapidations liability at the end of the lease such as carrying out a Schedule of Condition **
 *   determine whether the Heads of Terms should be changed to reflect the findings of the survey.
In addition to the above the business ought to carry out a space planning exercise or feasibility study to confirm the building is fit for the intended purpose.

The nature of the survey will depend on the clients intentions for the business at the property, their circumstances, and their budget for refurbishment.

In addition to instructing a surveyor, depending on the type of building and proposed use, it may also be prudent to seek advice from
 *   an electrical engineer to advise on general condition of the wiring, lighting and size of the incoming supply
 *   a mechanical engineer where there is air conditioning or a more complicated heating or cooling or ventilation system
 *   a lift engineer if there is a lift in the building
 *   an IT specialist to advise on cabling and Computer Technology and Audio Visual infrastructure.

ShieldsLongden has firms they frequently work with and recommend, should this be required.

** Schedules of Condition are a statement of fact about the condition of a property; and they are now frequently attached to a lease to minimise dilapidations at the end of a lease.
These can be carried out as a stand alone instruction or form part of a survey instruction.

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