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Background to the Party Wall Legislation

Modern developments take many forms, and the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 deals with shared / party walls, party fence boundaries, non shared walls / boundaries and works undertaken within 3m and 6m of a boundary.
The works may vary from simple repair and maintenance matters to development works, and affect commercial and residential developments equally.
The essence of the legislation requires the person or company carrying out the work to inform his neighbours where there is work proposed on a shared wall, boundary or close to the foundations of other properties. E.g. this could be the insertion of a steel beam into a party wall by the property owner or developer, to support a loft conversion.
The neighbours are then given an opportunity to study the proposals, with professional help, and the owner or developer are usually asked to meet such costs and to confirm they are happy to proceed or otherwise.
Please note: the legislation should not be used as an attempt to stop, or unnecessarily delay the building work.

Does this Affect Me?

If you are intending to carry out works which could impinge on an adjoining property during construction, then a telephone call or meeting with your ShieldsLongden advisor will clarify the matter.
Shields Longden and Co. are also part of the RICS advisory service wich has been set up to provide a maximum of 30 minutes free advice where there is a genuine enquiry as to whether the Act applies.

Our Personnel

We keep up to date with current issues and case law on this subject; our personnel are members of the specialist party wall group, Pyramus and Thisbe Club, which seeks to promote excellence in Party Walls.
Their site will address frequently asked questions.
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